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Denhamer, Liam
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Denhamer, Liam
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Denhamer, Liam
Liam Denhamer is a current student at the Architectural Association. He recently exhibited a project named Hinterland in the Photo Library gallery. Liam's interests lie in the exploration and documentation of desolated environments and how one can find inherent beauty in them.


"The city of Vancouver, British Columbia, has seen immense growth in recent years. With the increased need for housing, condominium development has taken over, causing a municipality that was once fruitful in cultural heritage to dissolve. On the outskirts of the city there remain fringe industrial areas, a part of Vancouver that is often overlooked. These industrial sectors are in complete juxtaposition to the picturesque nature of the city's environment, yet they hold on to the cultural integrity the rest of Vancouver has lost. Hinterland explores the importance and complexity of these static zones, examining how beauty can be found in these instinctively desolated environments."
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