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Bekki, Suha
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Bekki, Suha
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Bekki, Suha
Suha Bekki trained at the Architectural Association and as a spatial designer at Central Saint Martins.
She has worked with several architects including Alison & Peter Smithson and Ken Yeang.

Over the past 20 years she has been visiting, researching and photographing the ancient city of Petra in Jordan, as well as working on the excavation of a Byzantine church with ACOR (American Centre of Oriental Research). Two exhibitions of her photographs have taken place at the AA: Sensual Sands in 1992 and Craving Caves in 1995.

Suha is currently working as a design consultant on various architectural and spatial design projects including architectural lighting design. She is the director of Suha Bekki Ltd and a partner at POPUP SQUARES.
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