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De Maré, Eric Samuel
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De Maré, Eric Samuel
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De Maré, Eric Samuel
Eric Samuel de Maré (1910-2002) was one of the finest British architectural photographers of the 20th Century.

Born in Enfield, Middlesex, to Swedish parents, de Maré was educated at St Paul's School, London, and studied at the Architectural Association from 1928-33. Following his graduation, de Maré travelled in Scandinavia and worked at a number of architectural practices. During the war he worked in camouflage, before taking up the editorship of the Architects' Journal (AJ) in 1943. He left this post in 1946 to pursue freelance photography and writing, frequently contributing the AJ's sister publication Architectural Review (AR). His photographs were central to an influential article 'The new empiricism: Sweden's new style' published in the June 1947 edition of AR. In August of the following year an entire issue of AR was dedicated to his images of the recently nationalised UK canal system -later turned into a book, 'The Canals of England' (1950). His striking documentation of anonymous, vernacular structures including textile factories, bridges, warehouses and industrial architecture formed the backbone of the profoundly influential 'The Functional Tradition in Early Industrial Buildings' published in 1958 (text by J. M. Richards). De Maré also published a practical guide, 'Photography' (1957), which by 1980 had gone through seven Penguin editions. Later books included 'Photography and Architecture' (1961), 'The Nautical Style' (1973), 'Wren's London' and 'Architectural Photography' (both 1975).

De Maré was given his first camera, a Kodak Box Brownie, by his father at the age of 10 and throughout his career he was to use relatively simple equipment - a Rolleicord in his early days, followed by a Linhof Super Teknica in the latter decades.

On his death in 2002, aged 91, he was described in The Guardian obituary as the 'finest architectural photographer of the mid-20th century'. A portion of his archive was purchased by Michael Hopkins in 1989 and donated to the Architectural Association Foundation. Other sections of De Maré's archive are housed at the Royal Institute of British Architects and Historic England.

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