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Agents-Based Parametric Semiology
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Agents-Based Parametric Semiology
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Agents-Based Parametric Semiology
Our research is a study of the application of semiology, as a parametric system, in framing social situations, in dynamic work environments. The core of the project is theoretical. The semiological system that is designed as a product of the research is applied to an 'Incubator for Start-Ups.' The designed space is information-rich, so as to suggest behaviours and interactions, and dynamic, so as to accommodate and facilitate the tasks that need to be performed.
Valentina Cerrone; Arash Archer Firouszi; Konstantina Stella Tsagkaratou; Angelica Maria Cardenas
Theodore Spyropoulos; Shajay Bhooshan; David Greene
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Agents-Based Parametric Semiology