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Centre For Virtual Engineering-Stuttgart
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Centre For Virtual Engineering-Stuttgart
Uploaded by Byron Blakeley
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UN Studio
Centre For Virtual Engineering-Stuttgart
General View
Located on the research campus of the Fraunhofer institute in Stuttgart Vaihingen, the Centre for Virtual Engineering (ZVE) specializes in the investigation of different multidisciplinary work flows. UNStudio worked in collaboration with ASPlan from Kaiserslautern on the architectural services for the Centre

All parts of the programme are implemented into the spatial organisation of the building. The diagrammatic approach employed combines the laboratory and research functions with public exhibition areas and a scenographic routing of the visitors in an open and communicative building concept. The geometry of the floor plan, consisting of curved and straight elements, dissolves into the saw tooth geometry of the facade whilst maintaining the effect of a continuously transforming surface
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Richters, Christian
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Centre For Virtual Engineering-Stuttgart