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Pui Quan Choi
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Pui Quan Choi
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Pui Quan Choi
The Nested City
The project questions how architecture in our cities becomes culturally significant. It speculates on urban strategies that are based on curation and exhibition of architectural elements, beyond in-situ preservation and cultural representation. Approaching the city as an exhibition that determines the value of existing and prospective heritage objects and monuments, the architect takes on a role of a meta-curator that operates across urban domains - mapped, archived, reconstructed, envisioned. The project then seeks to formulate new cultural processes and curatorial operations that affect urban artefacts, and experiments with new relationships between architectural objects and conceptual frameworks which organise and arrange them. Playing with various cultural typologies to generate new proto-institutional hybrids, it results in a collapsed intellectual space of transformation -spatializing various abstract diagrams into future expo-cities. Allowing the architectural objects to traverse multiple institutional platforms and scales, these devices begin to filter new potentials for the reconstruction of the European City, and suggest how architecture can anticipate and participate in the creation of cultural heritage.
Pui Quan Choi
Diploma Unit 8
Maria Fedorchenko