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Shereen Maria Doummar
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Shereen Maria Doummar
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Shereen Maria Doummar
The Slow Line
Agonistic Frontiers advocate for the slow production of architecture to oppose the generic environments produced by discipline of architecture. The production of fast architecture, which is the result of an attempt from the discipline to keep up with the forces of capitalism, is a condition occurring cross-continentally. It creates tensions between imports of architecture and their host territories, enabled by the weakness of the Nations State. This condition which is exacerbated in the expanding port capital cities of the Fertile Crescent, has resulted in the erasure of its local urban typologies, and the implosion of these cities. This territory which has now been robbed from the urban typology that defined the morphology of its cities, the souk, and was the spatial apparatus that enabled the production of culture, is being consumed by foreign imports of cultural institutions, and consequently suffers from a decline of its micro economies of locally produced goods, which sustained the majority of the population.
Shereen Maria Doummar
Diploma Unit 8
Maria Fedorchenko