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Sukgyo Lloyd Lee
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Sukgyo Lloyd Lee
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Sukgyo Lloyd Lee
The Road to the European Super-District
The project attempts to set up a new methodology for the hyper (urban) scale building in the European context. Unlike OMA's Hyperbuilding proposal for Bangkok, the new alternative should be a synthesis of multiple layers of organisations that escapes the singular narrative of a building. The method tower, a diagrammatic tower that condenses different organisational forms extracted from multiple globally-recognised precedents, provides the basis for the next step. When using Vienna as a testbed, the method tower encounters the local counter part, the viennese concourse, conjured up of organisational forms extracted from Viennese megastructures. The conversation between the method tower and the viennese concourse, of global and the local, then generate new local hybrids; vernacular hyper buildings forms meant for a new expansion strategy for Vienna.
Sukgyo Lloyd Lee
Diploma Unit 8
Maria Fedorchenko