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Iris Florence Francesca Gramegna
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Iris Florence Francesca Gramegna
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Iris Florence Francesca Gramegna
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The project addresses how technology's evolution and architecture's misuse/abuse has rendered the institution of knowledge redundant and domesticated. It aims to instigate a disciplinary debate on the architectural fallacy that has become the contemporary library. Consequently it uses the library's deserted condition to construct sophisticated, inverted, negative, deconstructive designs, which trigger us to rethink and revise our preconceptions of institutional spaces of the European city from centralized, symbolic, permanent spaces to less precious, rotational and temporary ones. By deconstructing the library both physically and conceptually, its' current use and concept becomes ever sharper, and enables us to breed a new architectural scheme for institutions. These can then serve as catalysts to shift our vision of architecture from fixed, precious envelops to fluid, and temporary edifices. As a designer, I believe permanence is an unattainable dream as in fact the only certainty is that everything changes (especially today) and it is this change which can provide us with the platform and potential for a new kind of architecture. This project aims not to provide a solution but rather to project a potential.
Iris Florence Francesca Gramegna
Diploma Unit 8
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