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'Natural Systems and Biomimetics', EmTech, 2020
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'Natural Systems and Biomimetics', EmTech, 2020
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'Natural Systems and Biomimetics', EmTech, 2020
Student Project by Devaiah Ponnimada Ashok and Dhwani Ramnarayan Bisani, Emergent Technologies, 2020, for 'Natural Systems and Biomimetics'

The domain of the paper is to study the nest construction activity of social wasps and to derive an algorithm which could generate possible solutions for designing a pavilion. The focus is to study the highly ordered building stra of wasps and how local stimuli and environmental cues influence the nest construction. To create a system which works under the similar rules.

This report makes use of Cellular Automata (CA). Multiplicity of the cells is based on Cellular Automata, different cell states were programmed to mimic the construction process of that of wasps an in turn lead to generation of our global geometry.

Stage 1 consists of our initial experiments of understanding how cellular automata works in one, two and three dimensional grid. To define cell states and rulesets which govern the transition from one cell state to another.

Section 2 we explored CA further by varying the point of origin and introducing various repelling geometries.

Section 3 consists of radiation analysis of the geometry generated in the earlier sections

Finally, the report concludes in with reflections on the whole process and recommendations on future research and application.
Devaiah Ponnimada Ashok; Dhwani Ramnarayan Bisani
Elif Erdine