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D. Schindler, 'Below', AA Diploma 14, 2020
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D. Schindler, 'Below', AA Diploma 14, 2020
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D. Schindler, 'Below', AA Diploma 14, 2020
Student Project by Dor Schindler, AA Fifth Year, AA Diploma 14, 2020 for 'Below: Transforming the Ground Floor of Tel Aviv's Residential Blocks'

Like many modern cities, Tel Aviv inherited a detached state of mind. A city of pixels, mentally bound to 500m² plots.

Since the 1980's, planning strategy relies upon the private market to maintain private property. The ground itself might be the right scope; where only a century ago lines were drawn on the sand, is now a desolate terrain between the urban and domestic.

Tel Aviv's dominant typology is the Urban Villa. A condominium which is neither the single family home nor the apartment block. The Villas are subdivided in a repeating model of blocks, which segregates dormant communities of similar interests.

The proposal offers to communise the ground floor of a block through a hybrid ownership model. Apartments above remain private, whilst the ground is held by a trust. It aims to complicate the ability of developers to 'break' a block, to preserve Tel Aviv's pleasant urban density.

The ground floor trust blurs the binary distinction between private or public. Challenging the notion of the family structure, the space below is almost domestic.

Where many social restructuring projects failed to sustain longevity, an attempt to utilise forgotten spaces in the existing city fabric might offer a middle ground.
Dor Schindler
Diploma Unit 14
Pier Vittorio Aureli; Maria Giudici
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D. Schindler, 'Below', AA Diploma 14, 2020
D. Schindler, 'Below', AA Diploma 14, 2020
D. Schindler, 'Below', AA Diploma 14, 2020