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'Design and Technology', EmTech, 2020
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'Design and Technology', EmTech, 2020
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'Design and Technology', EmTech, 2020
Student Project by Devaiah Ponnimada Ashok, John Elliot Ouchterlony, Emergent Technologies, 2020, for 'Design and Technology'

The design and technology brief was to scale up an existing design using a new material. In our case, a revolved assembly, 27cm in height and diameter, fabricated from polypropylene and paper was to be constructed in veneer and scaled to 118cm in height and 80cm in diameter. Through a series of tests, built on one another incrementally, we gained an understanding of veneer as a material and methods of assembly for our specific design. Gaining an understanding of veneer through material testing prompted a complete redesigning of the structural system. As veneer is a tempermental material, throughout our design process we continually tested the material both physically and with Finite Element Analysis. In order to constrain the veneer components into positions where they were unable to split or break while also providing structure, we designed and incorporated specific hardware. The design's complexity created a need to analyze our assembly process and design systems and processes for fabrication. We designed jigs and fixtures to constrain the components while they were being assembled.
Devaiah Ponnimada Ashok; John Elliot
Elif Erdine