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'Design I: Digital and Material Fabrication', EmTech, 2020
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'Design I: Digital and Material Fabrication', EmTech, 2020
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'Design I: Digital and Material Fabrication', EmTech, 2020
Student Project by Mohamed Owaze Ansari and Jong In Cho, Emergent Technologies, 2020, for 'Design I: Digital and Material Fabrication'

The research has been conducted in three stages. Stage 01 deals with local design principles resulting from agent-based systems. Limitations that may arise during fabrication are explored to inform conditions for the global design. Stage 02 primarily deals with form generation of the global geometry. Data from the previous stage guides the geometry to eliminate or reduce the necessity of supports, resulting in phenotypes that are more well informed of fabrication, while responding to the spatial design conditions set about for the pavilion. Selection of the pavilion would be informed by computing the environmental performance (structural and shade) of phenotypes. Data from these experiments bring forth potential candidates that can be taken forward to Stage 03 of the experiment dealing with material fabrication and limits set forth, through clay extrusion using a 6 axis machine. This stage informs the design decisions taken forward from Stage 02 to be re-evaluated in terms of design or developing a hybrid system of fabrication, straying away from clay printing as the only means of fabrication.
Mohamed Owaze Ansari; Jong In Cho,
Elif Erdine