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'Natural Systems and Biomimetics', EmTech, 2020
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'Natural Systems and Biomimetics', EmTech, 2020
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'Natural Systems and Biomimetics', EmTech, 2020
Student Project by Berin Nur Kocabas and Felipe Oeyen, Emergent Technologies, 2020, for 'Natural Systems and Biomimetics'

The agents studied in order to extract a particular behaviour were Ants in general and Lassius Niger Ants in particular.
In the Research Stage we extract a number of behaviours and characteristics found in ants' research conducted by biologists and computer scientists, in order to abstract them as parameters in an agent-based system.
The Stage 1 section of the report shows the initial system simulations ran, changing variables through iterations, with the aim of understanding our system and the impact of parameters' variation in it.
In the Stage 2, we refine our system, making it more dynamic and increasing its complexity. We describe the experiments conducted and evaluate the results.
Stage 3 consists of the structural and environmental performance analysis of three different outcomes generated by our simulations of Stages 1 and 2, as well as of an interpretation of the obtained results.
For Stage 4 we take one of the three outcomes analysed in Stage 3 and further abstract it in order to rationalize it, considering it would be further developed as a pavilion design.
Finally we extract conclusions from our system and its outcomes and analyse the possibilities provided by Biomimetics research and agent-based systems.
Berin Nur Kocabas; Felipe Oeyen
Elif Erdine