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'A Playground for Non-Humans' Exhibition, 2020
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'A Playground for Non-Humans' Exhibition, 2020
Uploaded by Byron Blakeley
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34-36 Bedford Square, London Borough of Camden, London
United Kingdom
'A Playground for Non-Humans' Exhibition, 2020
Photograph of the 'A Playground for Non-Humans' Exhibition, 2nd November, 2020 in Bedford Square. An Exhibition in partnership with Japan House London. Showing Installation by AA Students Zineb Lemseffer & Alix Biehler for a 'Worm-scape'

Worm-scape is an installation which aims
at revealing life below the pavement. Today,
pavements cover most of our urban lives,
subsequently prohibiting us to engage with,
care for and maintain micro-organisms, fundamental to biodegradation. In fact, architects
have been particularly oblivious to what happens below the built environment evidenced
by abstract and meaningless hatches in any
sectional drawing.
The result is an exposed landscape for the
worm, and their co-inhabitants. The ambiguous topography displays different aspects of
microbial life, their growth, their senses, their
Through textures, and material treatment, the
proposal blends with the exisitng ground, as
if a crack had occurred, to shed light on
what life lays below inviting the passer-by to
engage with the micro-scale.
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'A Playground for Non-Humans' Exhibition, 2020