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K. Van Homrigh, 'Will-o'-the-Wisp', AA Experimental 5, 2020
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K. Van Homrigh, 'Will-o'-the-Wisp', AA Experimental 5, 2020
Uploaded by Byron Blakeley
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K. Van Homrigh, 'Will-o'-the-Wisp', AA Experimental 5, 2020
Student Project by Kelly Van Homrigh, AA Third Year, AA Experimental 5, 2020, for 'Will-o'-the-Wisp: A City of London Livery Company for the Twenty-First Century'

The project proposes a series of illusionary, architectural devices that float on the Thames. It is a response to the condition of the system of Livery Companies in London's Square mile. Dating back 1000yrs the Companies are historical, social clubs that formally existed as trade institutions.

The project argues that as the companies have evolved away from their initial commercial function and into nothing more than illusion. Attempting to fool us all with their legitimacy, they've devolved into a ritualised performance and spectacle of their former posting. But where once these techniques swelled their sense of exclusivity, the 21st century sees them at risk of being forgotten for good.

And so in literally moving the rituals and operation of The Companies onto the River Thames, where they, and specifically The Worshipful Company of Fishmongers will seem to exist only when one of their rituals is occurrent. Large sinkhole structures and reflective, floating rooms allow the Fishmonger's to be felt on the river whilst circumnavigating the complex system of medieval legislation that has for so long kept them confined to London's Square Mile.

The project explores the role of institutions once they have outlived their original intended function.
Kelly Van Homrigh
Intermediate Unit 5
Ryan Dillon; David Greene