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A. Low, 'The Library as an Ideas Bazaar', AA Diploma 13, 2020
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A. Low, 'The Library as an Ideas Bazaar', AA Diploma 13, 2020
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A. Low, 'The Library as an Ideas Bazaar', AA Diploma 13, 2020
Student Project by Allister Low, AA Fourth Year, AA Diploma 13, 2020 for 'The Library as an Ideas Bazaar'

The project looks to the unit brief as a starting point, discussing the condition of the architectural biennale as seen in Venice, and the spaces that facilitate this form of exhibition.

In their present state, each existing exhibition pavilion is discrete and disconnected, both in relation to their surrounding context as well as in relation to each other. If the intent of the biennale is to be a progenitor of discourse between the participating artists/architects, one where ideas are exchanged freely in an environment that is connected and borderless, how is this manifested in a Giardini that is composed as a mere aggregation of 30 separate and autonomous pavilions?

A new spatial paradigm is therefore introduced. Now, pavilions explode, their fragments scattering, condensing, the embodied physics of their trajectories describing a new kind of continuously flowing space of exchange. The Giardini is transformed into a smooth continuum, where gradual changes in densities, intensities, tensions and contours, inform the notion of what it means to be somewhere, superseding the dated notion of separated "national" pavilions.

The structure of the existing pavilions, both physical and programmatic, is thus disrupted, inviting new and more contemporary patterns of use.
Allister Low
Diploma Unit 13
Bostan Vuja; Alvaro Velasco Perez