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'A Playground for Non-Humans' Exhibition, 2020
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'A Playground for Non-Humans' Exhibition, 2020
Uploaded by Byron Blakeley
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34-36 Bedford Square, London Borough of Camden, London
United Kingdom
'A Playground for Non-Humans' Exhibition, 2020
Photograph of the 'A Playground for Non-Humans' Exhibition, 2nd November, 2020 in Bedford Square. An Exhibition in partnership with Japan House London. Showing Installation by AA Students Matis Barollier, Camille Bongard and Cesar Jucker.

Climb the note, a squirrel's creative journey
in front of the Architectrual Association's
main gathering spaces. Our project offer the
squirrels of Bedford Square a part in the creative process of the School through music. Made
of wood and semi-transparent materials, their
movement becomes not only a concert but also
a shadow show. As the students are currently
gone, the animals are the only ones bringing
life back to the school.
As 35 Bedford Square isn't accessible to humans, it becomes a perfect entry point for the
furry animals. By sliding through wooden chimes
they generate music notes, creating a different
composition at each passage. At the end of the
tunnel is the ultimate squirrels reward; the
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'A Playground for Non-Humans' Exhibition, 2020