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E. Voisin-Isadahl, 'Soft Circles', AA Diploma 15, 2020
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E. Voisin-Isadahl, 'Soft Circles', AA Diploma 15, 2020
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E. Voisin-Isadahl, 'Soft Circles', AA Diploma 15, 2020
Student Project by Emma Voisin-Isdahl, AA Fifth Year, AA Diploma 15, 2020 for 'Soft Circles'

Alongside choosing and purchasing objects, there are practices of use and eventually disposal. As goods come into the home and their initial value fades, they are taken out of the way and out of sight. Timelines tend to illustrate how long an object will be in use before becoming waste. These linear waste streams, amplified by built-in obsolescence of one-way commodities, create a dream of an endless supply of goods while neglecting the aftermath.

Discourses on storage emphasise discipline, but it is assumed that once such a system has been implemented, it will take minimal effort to maintain. But the home is not simply just an effective system of storage governing rationally structures of flows. Storage and clutter illustrate the hard work involved in creating social order when clutter and waste is an inevitable feature of the modern consumer.

The project challenges our current system of waste through a new housing model. By stitching together fragmented elements of the city: the high street, self-storage and housing. A new system of objects extends the life cycle of the objects as they move through the building, shifting in value and changing hands while being used for unexpected moments occurring in everyday life.
Emma Voisin-Isdahl
Diploma Unit 15
Lucy Styles; Sam Chermayeff
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E. Voisin-Isdahl, 'Soft Circles, AA Diploma 15, 2020