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A. Kiryukhina, 'Last-mile Delivery Centre', AA Experimental 18, 2020
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A. Kiryukhina, 'Last-mile Delivery Centre', AA Experimental 18, 2020
Uploaded by Byron Blakeley
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A. Kiryukhina, 'Last-mile Delivery Centre', AA Experimental 18, 2020
Student Project by Angelina Kiryukhina, AA Second Year, AA Experimental 18, 2020, for 'Last-mile Delivery Centre'

The mixed-use high rise brings logistics facilities and housing engages with social context of VNEB Opportunity Area. It combines a last-mile delivery centre with student accommodation, food market and art gallery in response to increasing reliance on e-commerce, pressure on urban logistics and population growth in London. The vertical delivery centre uses automation in storage, processing facilities and autonomous vehicles as a driving force to make deliveries more sustainable serving on the city scale and tower scale.

The design provides inter-program interaction in the delivery centre to improve quality of London urban life. The ground level creates a dynamic dialogue between delivery logistics and visitors flows in customer interface areas and the outdoor market to socialise, support local traders and community with river views. From the podium vehicular and pedestrian movements are directed into the lower rise and upper rise respectively.

The upper rise has vertical street as a connector of co-existing of public and semi-private spaces of market and gallery. Vertical street is stairs and atriums arranged in a spiral with structural enclosures around the tower. They are a platform for social interactions and connect sweeping exterior and interior views.
Angelina Kiryukhina
Intermediate Unit 18
Viviana Muscettola; Melodie Leung