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C. Chua, 'Rehoming a Museum', AA Diploma 19, 2020
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C. Chua, 'Rehoming a Museum', AA Diploma 19, 2020
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C. Chua, 'Rehoming a Museum', AA Diploma 19, 2020
Student Project by Clarissa Chua, AA Fifth Year, AA Diploma 19, 2020 for 'Rehoming A Museum'

The Birmingham Museum Trust has a collection of a million objects and artworks ranging from Egyptian artefacts to everyday objects. However, only a small portion of these objects are on display in museums and galleries around the city. The need to collect coupled with inflexible attitudes towards preservation has meant that the majority of museum collections sit in-store rather than on display.

In order to make way for the HS2, the collection will be moved to a new culture centre situated far from the Birmingham city centre. The current facility will be demolished while at the same time, the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery will also be closed for several years for refurbishment.

The project speculates an alternative future for the Birmingham Museum Collection Centre, where instead of moving away, the collection has been redistributed across the city centre at several depots in different quarters of Birmingham. These depots would not function only as open storage but also like libraries where visitors would be able to apply to host objects, rehoming the museum collection across the city.
Clarissa Chua
Diploma Unit 19
David Kohn; Bushra Mohamed
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C. Chua, 'Rehoming a Museum', AA Diploma 19, 2020