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'Lugo Land' Visiting School, 2020
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'Lugo Land' Visiting School, 2020
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'Lugo Land' Visiting School, 2020
Student Projects from the 'Lugo Land' Visiting School, 2020 with Sue Barr

Over the last 6 years the AA's Lugo Land Analog Photography Visiting School has established a significant platform to explore the relationship between photography, architecture and landscape. The workshop focuses on the importance of slowing down the photographic process, in order to explore the relationship between thinking and looking.

The photographic research produced during these workshops has further contributed to the increased importance of the wider Lugo Land cultural project (and its associated publishing output) - within European contemporary photographic discourse.

But in response to the current global pandemic situation, the workshop's directors - Sue Barr, Francesco Neri and Luca Nostri, have decided to move the workshop to an online digital photography program.

The workshop will still explore ideas surrounding territory, portraiture and photography but this year will enable participating students to photograph within their home environments and contribute to an expanded discussion surrounding place, identity and the photographic image.

The workshop will operate via a series of online seminars, group and personal tutorials and introduce students to both historical and contemporary photographic ideas and technical and theoretical discourses, with the ultimate goal of exploring the specificities of the photographic language.
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Visiting School
Sue Barr
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'Lugo Land' Visiting School, 2020