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Andrew Yuen
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Andrew Yuen
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Andrew Yuen
Expanded Domesticity: Beyond Confined Domestic Spaces in Hong Kong
New Housing Block Tupology - Test Model

The project reacts against the constrained living conditions of migrant workers in Hong Kong, where confinement, practicality and efficiency in space have become the major characteristics of domesticity in the small city. The proposed interventions expand domestic life, through literal and phenomenal expansion. The project introduces new series of housing typologies that come in the form of new build housing blocks and parasites on the existing building facades, with the rooftops contributing to communal programs. Without increasing the average square meterage, each new hosuing typologies incorporate mirror to achieve deep and infinite view by reflection, transluscent material to introduce natural to confront with the rigidity of existing fabric and conventional solid wall and extrdued/unfolded balcony to expand space physcially and visually.
Andrew Yuen
Diploma Unit 13
Lily Jencks; Jessica Reynolds
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Andrew Yuen