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Shenzen Stock Exchange-Shenzen
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Shenzen Stock Exchange-Shenzen
Uploaded by Byron Blakeley
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Koolhaas, Rem (OMA)
Shenzen Stock Exchange-Shenzen
The essence of the stock market is speculation: it is based on capital, not material. The Shenzhen Stock Exchange is conceived as a physical materialization of the virtual stock market: it is a building with a floating base, representing the stock market - more than physically accommodating it. Typically, the base of a building anchors a structure and connects it emphatically to the ground. In the case of Shenzhen Stock Exchange, the base, as if lifted by the same speculative euphoria that drives the market, has crept up the tower to become a raised podium, defying an architectural convention that has survived millennia into modernity: a solid building standing on a solid base.
Richard Seymour
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Richard Seymour