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Kutaisi International Airport-Georgia
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Kutaisi International Airport-Georgia
Uploaded by Byron Blakeley
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UN Studio
Kutaisi International Airport-Georgia
The new Kutaisi 'King David the Builder' International Airport - which serves domestic and international flights for use by tourists, national politicians and international diplomats - incorporates both Georgia's historic landscape and its architecture. The architecture of the terminal refers to a pavilion; a gateway, in which a clear structural layout creates an all-encompassing and protective volume. The volume is structured around a central exterior space which is used for departing passengers. The transparent space around this central point is designed to ensure that flows of passengers are smooth and that departure and arrival flows do not coincide. Both the exterior corner detail and the so called 'umbrella' structure within the terminal building - which operates as a roundabout for passenger flows - operate as the two main architectural details around which all of the airport functions are organised.
UNStudio's design comprises the full airport development, including a revision of the runway, the master plan for the landscape and planned future development thereof, the terminal building, offices, a meteorological station and the air traffic control tower.
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Kutaisi International Airport-Georgia