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Z. Huang, 'Ephemeral Theatre', AA Diploma 5, 2020
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Z. Huang, 'Ephemeral Theatre', AA Diploma 5, 2020
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Z. Huang, 'Ephemeral Theatre', AA Diploma 5, 2020
Student Project by Zhixin Huang, AA Fourth Year, AA Diploma 5, 2020 for 'Ephemeral Theater'

The research was a platform for problem-solving, particularly in the suburbs of Paris where the iconic connotations of theatre are distinctly missing, and the renewed Parisian culture is not as mature as in central Paris. In this realization, the project is therefore also searching for a site that could benefit from cultural intervention and more specifically, a site with a lack of distinct cultural context. These criteria carried the project to the city of Aubervilliers. The project uses Aubervilliers as an alternative territory of cultural production and exchange, developing the Parisian culture beyond its clustering in the center of the city. Ultimately as the project looks to the short-to-medium term (5 years) in its development, the project is primarily an experiment on how to swiftly provide a theatre, a cultural destination, to a place lacking in its cultural infrastructure.
Zhixin Huang
Diploma Unit 5
Andrea Guazzieri; Umberto Napolitano
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Z. Huang, 'Ephemeral Theatre', AA Diploma 5, 2020