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Y. Kushpitovska, 'Temple of Knowledge', AA Diploma 2, 2020
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Y. Kushpitovska, 'Temple of Knowledge', AA Diploma 2, 2020
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Y. Kushpitovska, 'Temple of Knowledge', AA Diploma 2, 2020
Student Project by Yana Kushpitovska, AA Fifth Year, AA Diploma 2, 2020 for a 'Temple of Knowledge: Spatial Learning Interface'

Temple of knowledge is a personalised museum which is accessible through your smart-phone in a form of augmented reality. Layered onto your everyday environments, the museum is always available and makes use of the space around you to help you form and organise memories through mnemonic techniques.

Museum proposes a way to challenge former colonialist countries that refuse to return artefacts to the place of their origin and that use those artefacts to forge new fictional histories.

Digital copies of artefacts, buildings and historical records from various museums, sites and archives are assembled by historians and archeologists to create more objective version of the past. Thus exposing the nationalistic serving narrative behind most museums.

Museum becomes an open-source project for accessing and experiencing cultural artefacts not as disconnected pieces but as wholesome environments. A platform for historians, archeologists, architects, game designers to come together to create a meaningful collective reconstruction of the past, where dialogue and multiple versions exist.

Project focuses on Cucuteni-Trypillia culture, Royal Scythia and Kyivan Rus, but any culture could exist in this endless museum.
The design principles of the project derive from method of loci, spatial encoding mnemonic techniques and gamification theory.
Yana Kushpitovska
Diploma Unit 2
Fredrik Hellberg; Lara Lesmes
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Y. Kushpitovska, 'Temple of Knowledge', AA Diploma 2, 2020