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Goldfinger, Erno, 1902-1987
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Goldfinger, Erno, 1902-1987
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Goldfinger, Erno, 1902-1987
Erno Goldfinger was a Hungarian-born architect and furniture designer. He moved to the United Kingdom in the 1930s, and became a key member of the architectural Modern Movement. He is most prominently remembered for designing residential tower blocks, some of which are now listed buildings.
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Alton West-Roehampton
Erno Goldfinger 1961. View along Avenue Foch, City Centre, Le Havre
Erno Goldfinger, 1922. Interior of Suzanne Blum Apartment & Office, Paris
Erno Goldfinger, 1922. Interior of the Central European Express Travel Bureau, Paris.
Erno Goldfinger, 1922. Interior of the Helena Rubinstein Salon, Grafton Street, London