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Henly, Rupert Desmond
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Henly, Rupert Desmond
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Henly, Rupert Desmond
Rupert Desmond Henly attended the Cheltenham School of Art and the North Gloucestershire Technical College part-time from 1939-1942. After being articled to Ranger & Rogers, Architects, he passed his Part I exams externally at the RIBA in May 1943. He joined Royal Engineers in 1942 and served through the duration of World War II. After war service he joined the AA in 1946 for the 4th and 5th years, receiving the AA Diploma in 1948. Henly attended the School of Planning & Research for Regional Development in Gordon Square for a year in 1948-49. In 1951 Henly went to the United States and worked in 1952-53 at the Sacramento Redevelopment Agency as a Planning Officer, a 1-year Town Planning Institute requirement. He then worked with Richard Neutra as a draughtsperson for two years and went on to work for Abe Geller in New York. Henly returned to the UK in 1955, when he then opened his own practice primarily designing domestic architecture. He retired to the south coast of England and later moved back to Cheltenham. Mr Henly has been a strong supporter of the AA and its students, emphasizing the value of student work such as sketch books in the educational process.
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