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W. Liang, 'Scrap-Play City', AA Diploma 19, 2020
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W. Liang, 'Scrap-Play City', AA Diploma 19, 2020
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W. Liang, 'Scrap-Play City', AA Diploma 19, 2020
Student Project by Weiyue Liang, AA Fifth Year, AA Diploma 19, 2020 for 'Scrap-Play City- Play As Urban Strategy In Central Birmingham'

The project targets at the role of play in the city and regards play as a strategy to re-generate and recycle the city.

A new housing scheme is proposed over the industrial urban context that offers more play space by recycling parts of factory ruins.

The project aims at developing a more engaging and long-lasting play space responding to the government's cuts to the play service.

The ruins are served as a permanent host for the ever-changing playground to enhance the local community to construct and de-construct with the waste material as play performance.
Weiyue Liang
Diploma Unit 19
David Kohn; Bushra Mohamed
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W. Liang, 'Scrap-Play City', AA Diploma 19, 2020