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A.P. Yamashita, 'Blue Borough', AA Diploma 10, 2020
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A.P. Yamashita, 'Blue Borough', AA Diploma 10, 2020
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A.P. Yamashita, 'Blue Borough', AA Diploma 10, 2020
Student Project by Aoi Phillips Yamashita, AA Fifth Year, AA Diploma 10, 2020 for a 'Blue Borough'

In response to the disconnect between collective identity and policing, the project proposes a new form of engagement with the police in the borough of Lewisham. Over 100 of London's publicly accessible Police Stations have closed in the past decade, and now there are less police stations than boroughs. There have been calls to reinstate this physical police presence in our communities, but there is an inevitable tension between collective identity and forces of control, and an increased police presence makes many vulnerable groups feel less safe in their own neighbourhoods.

While we cannot change operational police tactics as architects (beyond activism as a citizen), this is the moment for our discipline to rethink the spaces where the police and policed meet. Some of us may be familiar with the confrontational and highly controlled spaces of a police front counter. We must speculate how the relationship between community identity and policing will change and design spaces that encourage and adapt for this speculation.

A network of contact points is designed to be integrated into the city fabric, with shared public spaces and an indistinct threshold, using gradients of control and environment, through borough scale systems, technology and local spaces.
Aoi Phillips Yamashita
Diploma Unit 10
Carlos Villanueva Brandt
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A.P. Yamashita, 'Blue Borough', AA Diploma 10, 2020