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'Design and Technology', EmTech, 2020
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'Design and Technology', EmTech, 2020
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'Design and Technology', EmTech, 2020
Student Project by Dhwani Ramnarayan Bisani, Weiting Kong, Emergent Technologies, 2020, for 'Design and Technology'

This report presents a design process of a revolutionary surface as part of the Architectural Association Emergent Technologies and Design Programme's Design & Technology course. The exercise aims to explore design, analysis and fabrication within both digital and physical realm, with an emphasis on the transformation of information between the two. A revolution surface made of veneer was chosen as the subject of exploration.
Bending active structures were explored as a technique for physical form finding. In this process the material was deformed elastically and resulting forms are explored at local and regional scales. These experimentations helped develop an understanding of algorithmic thinking of the geometry and how the geometry could be controlled by a series of parameters. This allowed a parametric model with associative logics in Rhino and Grasshopper to be developed.
Physical experimentations were carried out to develop understanding of materiality of oak veneer. The properties obtained were used in finite element analysis with Karamba3D to assess the structural performance of various possible design solutions.
The workflow was completed by the development of digital construction templates with geometric data obtained through physical experimentations, which allowed a physical model to be constructed with laser cutting techniques.
Dhwani Ramnarayan Bisani; Weiting Kong
Elif Erdine